Flat Roof Sealant

Flat Roof Sealant & Energy Savings

Even If your existing roof is in good condition, our commercial and industrial roof sealant products can provide the benefit of energy savings in the range of 10 - 30% on your energy costs.
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October 27, 2023
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Flat Roof Sealant

Many flat and low-sloped roofs rely on insulation methods and materials to try and lower overall heating and cooling demand. Illinois Roofmasters offers the very latest innovations in flat roof sealant products that are designed to reflect sunlight, aiding the cooling of your building without the high cost of re-roofing and installing new insulation.

Cool Roof Membranes

Roof sealants that utilize cool roof membranes, reflect and emit the sun’s heat back into the sky, instead of transferring it into the building. This means not only that air-conditioning units run less, but also utility bills are smaller, saving you money season after season. There have been many studies that prove you can expect savings in the range of 10 to 30 percent for cooling energy and extended service life of air conditioning systems.

Flat Roof Sealant Services in Chicago from Illinois Roofmasters

Sealing Flat Roofs Extends Life and Performance

Even If your existing roof is in good condition and leaking isn’t taking place, our commercial and industrial roof products can still provide the benefit of cooling, saving on energy costs, and long term restoration so a full roof replacement isn’t necessary in the future.

These coatings offer you greater reflectivity, and a significant extension of roof life. The resulting energy savings from our roof coating products is what separates the work we do from other companies in the industry.

Free Estimates on Flat Roof Sealant Services

Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all product for the different types of roof surfaces out there. That's why Illinois Roofmasters offers a variety of flat roof sealing products, ranging from silicone to polyurethane coatings each with a different chemical composition that is tailor made to provide the best protection and energy efficiency for your specific roof.

Illinois Roofmasters would be pleased to visit your building and discuss the many flat roof sealant options we can provide - and make sure you get the very best solution for your unique roof.

We are State licensed and certified, with additional certifications with numerous high quality commercial and residential roofing product manufacturers. These certifications apply to multiple roofing substrates including elastomeric, silicone coating, modified bitumen, EPDM, torch down and a variety of other roof restoration products. At Illinois Roofmasters, we follow all state required roofing regulations and safety standards. We also follow all OSHA standards for fall protection, workman's comp and cleanup / hauling.

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