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Illinois Roofmasters are Chicago's experts in all types of flat roof systems. We are a full service roofing contractor, offering maintenance, repairs, and full flat roof replacements in addition to flat roof sealing, membranes and coating services.We would be pleased to offer you a FREE INSPECTION, detailing the issues and solutions options we can provide. Here are ways we can help...

Commercial Roofing Repair & Installation in Chicago

Illinois Roofmasters has over a decade of construction industry experience, having installed and serviced hundreds of flat roofs on residential and commercial roofing projects. We are fully licensed to work on all roofs in Illinois, and our flat roof team offers a wealth of industry knowledge and a long history of delivering the very best flat roofing solution Chicago building owners need.

Our flat roofing work far exceeds Illinois state-mandated standards. and is delivered using the very latest technologies, equipment, and professional expertise.The team at Illinois Roofmastsers is certified, licensed and bonded in all types of commarcial flat roof installation, restoration and repair services. Our dedicated team is strictly focused on 100% customer satisfaction and we are highly acclaimed across the City of Chicago and suburbs for our exceptional flat roof repair and restoration services.Illinois Roofmasters are delighted to offer our vast expertise for any number of commercial flat roof projects, from identifying leaks, to the best choise for flat roof restoration material selection and a wide range of unique roofing solutions we can offer for each individual project. It's plain to see, no two buildings are alike, so we focus on the best solution for our clients, every single time. Illinois Roofmasters will also advise you on how to maintain your flat roof when it is done to get the best, longest-lasting results.

The commercial flat roofing team at Illinois Roofmasters will conduct a FREE on-site inspection to identify any issues or potential problem areas you may have - and determine what the best solutions will be. We will follow this up with a FREE ESTIMATE to carry out the work, and guarantee you will be 100% satisfied.If you're ready to learn more, we can help. Contact Illinois Roofmasters today.

Commercial & Flat Roof Repair & Restoration Services

Illinois Roofmasters will guide you to the best solution to restore your building's roof.

Our aim is to save you money while providing the very best, longest lasting and most energy-efficient roofing system. Some of the options we offer can prolong the life of your current roof dramatically - preventing a tear-off, and implementing a new roofing system that is easy to maintain, and save you up to 40% on your current energy usage. These roofing restorations include:

Metal Roof Restoration

Complete waterproofing for metal roofs that inhibits rust, stops leaks, and provides an energy efficient, long lasting aned attractive finish coat for years of service.

Eco Roofing System

Energy Efficient reflective"cool roofs" are having their day in the sun. Reducing rooftemperature by up to 40% means reduced energy bills for interior cooling,reduced pollutants, and a longer lasting, more durable roof with no seems.

Roof Spray Foam System

A seamless roof barrier systtem that insulates and waterproofs your building. This financially advantageous SPF roof coating is lightweight and reliable: stopping and preventing leaks, increasing energy efficiency, and offer years of trouble-free, low maintenance protection.

We are Chicago's #1 Commercial Roofing Contractors

With over two decades' experience in commercial roofing, including all types of flat roof repairs and restoration, the team of experts at Illinois Roofmasters will identify the best, most affordable way to solve your commercial and flat roof issues - guaranteed!We will present you with solutions that may include the following:


Whenever possible, the option of re-roofing over your existing roof saves a lot of money, time, trouble, and risks, such as water damage for the short time the roof is exposed to elements. Illinois Roofmasters has extensive experience in re-roofing existing buildings - but we will only ever recommend the solution that will best serve your needs.


In the rare occasion where a building has more than two or three layers of roofing material (or if portions of the roof are water-damaged, rotten, or damaged by insects, we will recommend the best path forward to be a complete will tear-off and removal of the old roof before we install a completely new roof - and advise on the best materials and solutions for future-proofing your new reroofing job... in addition to providing best practices for ongoing preventive maintanance.


For developers constructing new buildings, we advise and employ our incredible team and years of knowledge and know-how to install the best roofing system for the job. We often work with architects and general contractors on designing roof systems for new buildings, and we have the expertise and experience to work with you on any size commercial roofing project.

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As one of the most trusted roofing companies in the Chicago area, you can count on us for your flat roof repair. Whether you need a new flat roof installed, an emergency flat roofing repair, or help with a leaking flat roof, we’re here to help. We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service, competitive pricing, and quality craftsmanship.
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