It’s Finally Beginning To Look Like Spring

We are nearing the end of May and I think Spring has finally sprung! Now is the time to address potential roofing repair issues so that further damage to your home does not occur.
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May 24, 2019
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We are nearing the end of May and I think Spring has finally sprung! We are pretty confident that everyone is as excited as we are that the winter weather has finally ended and a new beautiful season is upon us. Our vegetable/herb garden is planted and growing, despite the May snowfall we had last week.

Everyone we know is doing some spring cleaning and we actually just had our community clean-up day this past weekend. While I won’t get too excited about spring cleaning just yet, I do want to remind everyone that now is the perfect time to walk around your house and take a good look at the exterior and even your roof to see how it has weathered the long winter. We are hopeful that your roof did its job and kept your home warm, dry, and cozy, throughout our harsh winter. However, although we are hopeful, and know that the “polar vortex” has finally come to an end, we are also very aware that harsh weather conditions can cause unexpected leaks, blown off or missing shingles, leaking gutters, and other exterior issues.

On the top of your “Things to Do” list now that Spring is here, should be to give Illinois Roofmasters a call to do some spring maintenance, and let us take a good look at the exterior of your home to make sure that everything is in order and there are no potential issues. It’s crucial to address potential roofing repair issues so that further damage to your home does not occur. Often times the issues are easy to fix and relatively inexpensive. We will always be honest and keep your best interests in mind.

Here’s a quick checklist of a few things you can do:

Roof Damage – Check Shingles

Walk around your home and take a look for roof damage – at your roof shingles in particular. Check to see if you notice any loose, curled, or missing shingles? Do your shingles look like they are deteriorating – are there shingle granules in your gutters or downspouts? Have your gutters collapsed; do they look clogged; are they leaking? Check for debris as well – accumulation of leaves and other organic material can become festering points for pooling water, snow, and ice, which can breed mold and algae.

Gutter Cleaning

It is also a great time to clean the gutters, removing all clogs of material and checking to see that they are securely fastened to the eaves and to each other. If you notice holes, cracks, and other signs of wear in your gutters, you may need to replace damaged lengths or may even need to replace all of the gutters to ensure that your drainage is in prime condition. Poor gutters can lead to pooling water around your foundation – and we all know that water is every homes worst enemy, and that a solid foundation is what great homes are built upon.

Hail Damaged Roof Repairs

In Illinois, and especially around the “Windy City,” Spring can also bring heavy rains, high winds and large hail which can damage both old and new roofs. We specialize in repairing hail damaged roofs and would be happy to provide a FREE ESTIMATE on hail damage.

Free Home Inspection

Do not waste valuable time, call Illinois Roofmasters at 708-303-8787 for a free inspection of your roof and the exterior of your home. Although some basic roof repairs can be done on your own, an expert’s opinion is always best, especially when you think there may be a problem.

So, here’s to warmer weather, BBQ’s with friends and family, outdoor sports, long walks, bike rides, swinging on the porch swing, reading a good book outside while sipping on iced tea, bird watching, flowers blooming, and gardens growing! SPRING HAS SPRUNG and we at Illinois Roofmasters have so much to be thankful for and look forward to an exceptional season!

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