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Solar Panels in Chicago - Are They Worth It?

We live in Chicago - are Solar Panels worth it? Can energy savings be realized? To better understand your roof and if Solar Energy is the right choice for you contact us now for a FREE Roof Inspection.
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November 7, 2023
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For our neighbors all across Chicago, solar panels offer an exciting and important opportunity to save an incredibly significant amount of money in the long run!

Solar Panels for Roofs in Illinois

Solar energy has witnessed remarkable growth over the past few decades. Solar roof panels are now considered a viable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional energy sources - especially here in Illinois. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are the primary components of solar energy systems. They are installed on your roof and convert sunlight into electricity, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and potentially saving you money on your energy bills.

Benefits of Solar Energy on Your Roof

· Reduced Energy Costs: By harnessing the power of the sun, you can produce your own electricity and reduce your reliance on the grid. Excess energy can even be sold back to the grid, allowing you to earn credits or revenue.

· Environmental Benefits: Solar energy is clean and renewable, producing zero greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

· Increased Property Value: Solar panels can increase the value of your home or business.Many home buyers and investors are attracted to properties with solar installations due to their long-term cost-saving benefits.

· Energy Independence: Solar energy provides you with greater control over your energy production, reducing your dependence on fluctuating energy prices and ensuring a stable source of electricity.

· Long-Term Savings: While the initial investment in solar panels and installation can be significant, the long-term savings on energy bills can be substantial, making it a wise financial choice.

Illinois Roofmasters install solar roof panels all across the state of Illinois

Solar Panel Installation in Illinois

When considering solar for your roof, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

· Roof Condition: Your roof should be in good condition before installing solar panels. If your roof is old or damaged,it's essential to address any issues before adding solar.

· Shade: Minimal shading on your roof is crucial for optimal solar panel performance. Nearby trees or tall buildings can cast shadows that reduce the energy production of your system.

· Roof Material: Solar panels can be installed on various roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal,tile, and more. The type of material can affect the installation process and costs.

Are Solar Roof Panels Right for You?

To better understand the potential for installing Solar Panels on your roof and to learn if Solar Energy is the best choice for you, contact Illinois Roofmasters today for a FREE roof inspection.

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